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Availability of services during CERN's Annual Closure 2012/2013   >>

Bulletin publication schedule for 2013   >>

Printshop closure   >>

A new logo for the CERN Staff Association - Numerous prizes to be won   >>

English Book Club - Annual General Meeting   >>

CERN Shop Christmas sale: 10% OFF


Mail office

In connection with CERN's annual closure, there will be no mail distributed on Friday 21 December 2012 but mail will be collected in the morning. >>

Latest from TPG - annual tickets for sale at CERN

Starting in early 2013, TPG’s annual tickets will be for sale at CERN for 650 CHF, instead of the typical 700 CHF. Further details on their sale will be communicated as soon as possible. >>

News Articles

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News from the Library: Landolt-Börnstein book series is now accessible online!  

Official News

Administrative circular n°11 (REV. 2) – Categories of members of the personnel  
End-of-year closure 2012/2013  

Training and Development

Management and communication courses – Places available  
French Courses  


Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 19 December  
The Higgs boson at the LHC - a voyage to the heart of matter | by Christophe GROJEAN | December 18  

Staff Association

A new Executive Committee for 2013  
Logo competition  
Cine Club  
Cern Women's Club  
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