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Merry Christmas!

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A memorable week

This has been a memorable week for CERN, starting with the award of a Special Fundamental Physics Prize and ending with the handover of the CERN Council Presidency from Michel Spiro to Agnieszka Zalewska. In between, the LHC team demonstrated its expertise with a successful pilot run with 25 nanosecond bunch spacing, a new application for Associate Membership was received, and we had good news on the budget. >>

The SC gets ready for visitors

Hall 300, which houses the Synchrocyclotron (SC), CERN’s first accelerator, is getting ready to host a brand-new exhibition. The site will be one of the stops on the new visit itineraries that will be inaugurated for the 2013 CERN Open Day. >>

LHC Report: 25 ns spacing yields record beam intensity

Over the weekend the LHC broke two records: a record number of 2,748 proton bunches were injected into the accelerator giving a record beam intensity of around 2.7 x 1014 protons in both beams. These beams have yet to face the challenge of "ramping" to high energy. >>

Mind where you bore!

With renewable energies on the up and up, geothermal heating is becoming increasingly popular. An ardent supporter of sustainable development, CERN welcomes this trend, even though it has certain risks for the Laboratory. >>

Let's keep in touch

The GS, IT and PH Departments are currently finalising the installation of a new digital radio communication system. Known as TETRA, the system has been specially designed to meet emergency communication needs and will be used by the CERN Fire Brigade from next January. >>

Your ParticleQuest, should you choose to accept it…

The CERN-developed ParticleQuest adventure game was the focus of a special hands-on session at last month’s Mozilla Festival in London. Attended by the best and the brightest of the coding community, the festival was an opportunity for the ParticleQuest developers to throw down the gaming gauntlet… >>

A rich harvest of awards for the CERN Pension Fund

The CERN Pension Fund recently received two prestigious international awards. The governing bodies and the whole Pension Fund team are celebrating this success, and looking forward to a busy and bright new year. >>

CERN runners on the podium for the Escalade race

For the last race of the season, CERN runners distinguished themselves by notching up third place in the inter-entreprises category of the Escalade, Geneva’s famous running race across the city. >>

ASPERA welcomes its successor

On 30 November, after six and a half years spent developing and coordinating Europe’s astroparticle physics community, the AStroParticle European Research Area (ASPERA) network wrapped up its activities at a final session in Brussels. This was also an opportunity for ASPERA's organisers to present their project’s successor: the newly founded ApPEC, the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium. >>

New arrivals

On Thursday 6 December 2012, recently-recruited staff members and fellows were welcomed in the framework of the second part of the Induction Programme. >>

Why “Security” is not ME…

Thank you all for your feedback on our latest Bulletin article on “Security is YOU!”. Indeed, I can confirm that at CERN you are, in the first instance, responsible for: the computer security of the laptops, smart phones and PCs you use; the computing accounts and passwords you own; the files and documents you hold; the programs and applications you have installed or, in particular, written; and the computer services and systems you manage. In the free and liberal academic environment of CERN, I, as Computer Security Officer, decline that general responsibility. >>

The Pension Fund passes important milestones

In this column, the Chairman of the Pension Fund Governing Board (PFGB) presents the Board's latest main decisions, initiatives and accomplishments to the Fund's members and beneficiaries. >>

News from the Library: Landolt-Börnstein book series is now accessible online!

H. Landolt and R. Börnstein founded the Landolt-Börnstein physical data collection more than 125 years ago in 1883. They recognized the need for selected and easily retrievable data on the scientists’ desk. This standard work of reference occupied two volumes and 1,695 pages in 1923. Today it has grown to include around 400 paper volumes. >>

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