Talk | Physical preparation before a sports competition | 16 April

In the run-up to the annual CERN Relay Race and as part of the Move! Eat better campaign, the Medical Service is organising a talk on physical preparation before a sports competition or before the start of a sporting season.



Come along to the Council Chamber on 16 April at 5:00 p.m. to discover the secrets of good physical preparation. You'll get plenty of tips, techniques and exercises, and find out how your whole sporting experience can be enhanced by good physical preparation.  This advice will be especially useful to help you prepare for the CERN Relay Race, whether you’re a casual jogger or a hardened road-racer.

The talk will be moderated (in French) by:

  • Rachel Bray, President of the CERN Fitness Club;
  • Olivier Baldacchino, professional running coach and trainer of the CERN Running Club, who will give tips on how to prepare for races, in particular the CERN Relay Race;
  • and Jean-Yves Le Meur, a member of the French national disabled ski team, who will give a presentation entitled “Preparing for international competitions - sitting skiing as an example”.


Thursday 23 May – Take part in the CERN Relay Race!

The race starts at 12:15. Programme: the road race, Nordic walking and a demonstration of handbike.  Registration is now open (deadline for entries: 20 May). Click here to enter. The race fee is 10 CHF, of which 1 CHF will go to charity.

Please note that this year individual entries are accepted. The organisers will take care of finding a team for everyone (or find runners for incomplete teams).

The top three in each category will receive prizes, and all participants and helpers will receive a souvenir. New in 2013 – a prize will be awarded for the best team fancy-dress!

Many CERN clubs and associations will be present on the day of the race, showcasing the wide variety of social and sporting activities on offer at CERN.

For further information on the relay race, click here.


Call for volunteers

Every year, more than 50 volunteers  give the official organisers of the CERN Relay Race a helping hand. If you wish to help, please contact or Many thanks!