Incivility on the road: this may also affect you!

We all have to act in a more respectful and careful manner towards each other, and this also applies on the road. We therefore have to pay particular attention to the most vulnerable people (cyclists, pedestrians, etc.).


A couple of articles were published on the issue to raise awareness among drivers on the importance of road safety rules (see the CERN Bulletin on 10 September and 22 October 2012). Incivilities such as vehicles parked in a hazardous way, right of way violations, etc. can cause serious accidents with physical and/or material consequences.

In compliance with the 2013 road safety goal, presented earlier this year by CERN’s Director-General, incivilities reported in the A2 Form will, from now on, be systemically followed up, as stated in the procedure set up by the HSE Unit in collaboration with the GS Department. The follow-up process puts special emphasis on prevention, as it is mainly a reminder of CERN traffic regulations. Nevertheless, those who violate it can also be subjected to sanctions, as stated in paragraph 26 of Operational Circular No. 2.

Please remember that, in accordance with paragraph 4, “Responsibility and Authority” of A7 Code “Road Traffic at CERN”, the representative of the Reception and Access Control Service has the right to report anyone who commits incivilities on the road to their supervisor.

HSE Unit