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Keeping the LHC in power

The critical safety equipment around the LHC, including the machine protection systems, is connected to Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).  In case of mains failure, the UPS systems continue to power, for a limited time, these critical systems and ensure a safe shutdown of the accelerator. This week, work began to upgrade and replace over 100 UPS systems in the LHC. >>

New awards for CERN science

Earlier this week, the European Physical Society (EPS) announced its High Energy and Particle Physics prizes for 2013, and I’m pleased to say that the LHC featured highly. With all that has been happening in the last few years, that’s perhaps not too surprising, but these awards nevertheless constitute a great honour for our community. >>

LS1 Report: It's summer in the tunnel

A major milestone was passed this week at the PS Booster, where the first Personnel Access Door (PAD) of the new PS Complex access system is now operational. The new Material Access Door will follow very shortly. >>

A breath of fresh air!

During LS1 the teams in charge of the cooling and ventilation systems of the CERN accelerators will perform maintenance work on all the equipment for which they are responsible. What with replacing complete systems, making improvements or bringing equipment back up to scratch, their workload looks like being a heavy one over the coming months. >>

Volunteers: the key that opens the doors for the Open Days

2013: the year that CERN opens its doors to the public. 2013 is also the approximate number of volunteers needed to ensure that these Open Days (JPO) go ahead smoothly. Whatever your personnel status and function, you, the volunteers, are the key without which the Laboratory’s doors could not really open. Sign up now! >>

CERN in "Nature"

CERN is nestled within a verdant natural environment which, thanks to a conservation-oriented policy, is characterized by a remarkable biodiversity. The continued protection of that diversity calls for thoughtful, carefully planned measures. >>

State-of-the-art technology for an extended computing centre

On 7 May, CERN’s Director-General, Rolf Heuer, the Director for Research and Computing, Sergio Bertolucci, the EN Department Head, Roberto Saban, and several guests joined the IT Department Head, Frédéric Hemmer, for the inauguration of the new facilities at the CERN Computing Centre. >>

Stay Fit - Have Fun - Bike To Work

This June, CERN will take part in the Swiss "Bike to Work" campaign once again. In this Swiss national campaign, which has attracted more than 50,000 participants, teams of four colleagues encourage each other to cycle to work throughout the month of June. >>

CAS Accelerator Physics held in Erice, Italy

The CERN Accelerator School (CAS) recently organised a specialised course on Superconductivity for Accelerators, held at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice, Italy from 24 April-4 May, 2013. >>

Jekyll or Hyde? Better browse securely

Surfing the web is like walking through London in 1886. Usually you meet nice Dr Jekyll, interact with him and everything is fine. But at other times, at night, you might encounter the malicious Mr Hyde. He just wants your money and your secrets, and wants to take advantage of you. >>

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