It’s all about safety signs!

Their first occurrence may date back to the Egyptian hieroglyphs, but today they can be found everywhere: on our clothes labels as care labels, in train stations and airports to guide us, during the Olympics to identify various sports, on our dashboards, etc.


Safety wise, they are used to indicate a danger, a prohibition, an obligation, a safety exit, firefighting equipment, etc.

The HSE Unit has decided to update the 150 safety signs used on the CERN site and, to correspond with this, recently published a Safety Guideline GS-1-0-1, available on the Safety Unit website.

The Guideline contains more than 150 safety signs as well as diverse information regarding the meaning of the signs, their location and how to use them. The Guideline will shortly be completed with a new Safety Rule that will replace the former Security Code A3, “Safety colours and safety signs”.

Please be informed that you also have the option to create new safety signs, provided that you first get in touch with the HSE Unit.

HSE Unit