Cycling safety: a priority for CERN

Two major campaigns will get under way in June: road safety for cyclists and the promotion of cycling as a means of transport, which is one of CERN’s objectives in 2013.


The first campaign will be run by the HSE team, between 3 and 15 June, in conjunction with the Reception and Access Control Service in the GS/IS Group. Its aim will be to remind cyclists of the need to use the correct equipment and to check the condition of their bikes in all circumstances.  The number of people cycling at CERN keeps on increasing, but few of them wear helmets and reflective jackets, even though they are highly recommended. Cyclists become even more vulnerable on the roads, so it is important to ensure that those people particularly at risk (e.g. new users, those newly arrived in Geneva) are fully aware of the dangers and get better access to advice.

The second campaign, entitled “Bike To Work”, will take place at CERN for the second consecutive year. Around 50,000 people all over Switzerland will take part in this nationwide initiative this year. At CERN, it falls within the general framework of the “Move! Eat better” campaign launched by the Medical Service. The initiative encourages CERN personnel to travel to work by bike (for some or all of the journey) throughout the month of June. Registration can be done in advance for teams with a maximum of four people (the members of each team can alternate with each other over the course of a week). Once again, particular emphasis is being placed on riding sensibly so that people can discover the joy of cycling in complete safety!

Similar initiatives have taken place in the past and measures are now being planned to improve the cycling facilities both on and around the CERN site. A specially designed exit for cyclists, which is open even outside office hours, has just been introduced on the Satigny side of the site.

For more information on the HSE Unit campaign:
For more information on "Bike To Work", click here.

by HSE Unit