LS1 Report: Preparatory phase complete

The preparatory phase in the LHC which includes electrical and leak test is now completed. The field is now free for consolidation, upgrade and maintenance activities.


Three magnets have been replaced in sector 7-8 and a special intervention team is now connecting new magnets that have been installed. Two magnets of sector 1-2 will be exchanged this week.

The R2E project is progressing well: the power converters are being removed at points 1 and 7, while the protection works required prior to any civil engineering works commencing are almost finished at point 5. Moreover, many other activities are taking place in LHC, including the consolidation of the cryo line, and the maintenance of radio-frequency systems and cabling.

The activities in the injector complex are also in full gear. Sixteen magnets at the SPS are being exchanged, and the pick-up tank of AD is now back in place. Meanwhile, the PS cranes are being exchanged and the old PS ventilation system is being replaced.

The interconnections train is progressing in sectors 5-6 and 6-7, still ahead of schedule, while the opening of the so-called W-interconnects will start in sector 7-8 during the week. Additionally, the 400kV and 60kV networks on the surface are being maintained and consolidated, which will limit CERN’s overall power consumption to 50MW.

by Katy Foraz