LS1 Report: Shielding operations

At the LHC, the SMACC project’s consolidation train has just entered Sector 7-8, the third sector to be consolidated. It has moved on from Sector 6-7, which is now in the closure phase.


This week saw the start of the replacement campaign for the compensators on the LHC’s cryogenic distribution lines (QRL), involving all sectors of the machine. Nine compensators in total will be replaced between now and the end of the year (see the article in this week's Bulletin).

Operations are advancing very quickly on the R2E (radiation to electronics) project. At Point 1, for example, the teams have successfully managed to get several weeks ahead of the activity schedule.

Tests on the back-up electrical supply have also been completed. The diesel generators, designed to take over in the event of a failure of the main electrical supply, were put through their paces during a simulated power cut and passed with flying colours.

At the PS, 29 pillars have been installed as part of the
accelerator's shielding reinforcement works.

At the PS, the reinforcement work on the shielding above Septum 16 is progressing. All 29 pillars, more than 20 metres deep, have already been installed. Soon they will support 1,500 m2 of shielding.

At the SPS, all of the shielding has been removed and the irradiated cable replacement campaign has already started.

Finally, at the PS Booster, removal of the beam line and its shielding was completed last week. The new beam line is being assembled and will be installed in the coming weeks.

by CERN Bulletin