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Growing Pains

Heat expands and cold contracts: it’s a simple thermodynamic rule. But when temperatures swing from 300 K to near-absolute zero, this rule can mean a contraction of more than 80 metres across the LHC’s 27-km-long cryogenic system. Keeping this growth in check are compensators (a.k.a. bellows), which shrink and stretch in response to thermodynamic changes. Leak tests and X-rays now underway in the tunnel have revealed that these “joints” might be suffering from growing pains… >>

Our world is everyone’s!

At the end of this month, CERN will embark on its most ambitious open day weekend to date, stretching the definition of the weekend to embrace four days from Friday to Monday.   >>

LS1 Report: Shielding operations

At the LHC, the SMACC project’s consolidation train has just entered Sector 7-8, the third sector to be consolidated. It has moved on from Sector 6-7, which is now in the closure phase. >>

Curious about how the Pension Fund is securing your future?

Transparency, accuracy and proximity to its members: in recent years the CERN Pension Fund has put a huge effort into creating clear procedures, defining and sharing its strategies, and making its information public. The latest addition is the publication of the Annual Investment Report on the Pension Fund website. >>

Science stand-up at CERN

Supported by host Helen Keen from BBC4’s "It is Rocket Science", six amateur performers from CERN (Sam Gregson, Alex Brown, Benjamin Frisch, Claire Lee, Hugo Day and Clara Nellist) were joined on stage by geek-pop sensation Jonny Berliner and comedians Pierre Novellie and Lieven Scheire for a night of science stand-up comedy. >>

Common ground in ILC and CLIC detector concepts

The Compact Linear Collider and the International Linear Collider will accelerate particles and create collisions in different ways. Nonetheless, the detector concepts under development share many commonalities. >>

Baton twirling on an international stage

There aren’t many people who can throw a baton in the air, do a backhand spring and catch it with the grace of a dancer. Well, Julie Haffner from the CERN Press Office can. Baton twirling started as her hobby but soon became a passion - leading her team to win the International Baton Twirling Cup.  >>

CAS course on advanced accelerator physics in Trondheim, Norway

The CERN Accelerator School (CAS) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) recently organised a course on advanced accelerator physics. The course was held in Trondheim, Norway, from 18 to 29 August 2013. Accommodation and lectures were at the Hotel Britannia and practical courses were held at the university. >>

New arrivals

On Tuesday 10 September 2013, recently-recruited staff members and fellows participated in a session in the framework of the Induction Programme. >>

Don't tempt me!

Over your CERN career, have you ever changed activities, functions or responsibilities, but nevertheless kept the access to your “old” control systems or computing services? Accessing the systems for which you are no longer responsible seems innocent enough, because you just want to help by using your previous work and experience but… Does this sound familiar to you? Let’s think this one through because it may have bad consequences. >>

Philippe Defert (1954 - 2013)

Many of us have been deeply saddened by the early passing away of Phil Defert following a short period of illness.  He impressed all of us by being passionate about everything he did. >>

Open Days: information on CERN parking

The organising team for the Open Days (28-29 September) would like to inform you that some parking sites in Meyrin and Prévessin will have to be kept free as of 18 September for the installation of tents and marquees. >>

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