Cinema, from scientific enquiry to artistic expression

The CERN Cinéclub’s October cycle explores the evolution of cinema with film-makers Adelina von Fürstenberg and Jan Peters.


"In the Mirror of Maya Deren", a film by Martina Kudlácek.

For the past few decades, the CERN Cinéclub has been screening films for the CERN community on Thursday evenings. New members have brought with them greater enthusiasm and new ideas for this Cinéclub tradition. The greatest of these new ideas has been the addition of “cycles”, dedicated either to directors (Luis Bunuel, Serguei Paradzanov, Emir Kusturica, Ken Loach) or to particular themes (Czech new wave, science fiction).

Inspired by discussions with Jan Peters - winner of the Collide@CERN Geneva prize and CERN’s filmmaker in residence - the Cinéclub’s October film cycle has explored the evolution of cinema from a form of scientific enquiry to a true form of artistic expression. The cycle has included the mesmerising scientific films of Jean Painlevé (1927-1982), the experimental 1929 silent documentary “Man with a Movie Camera”, and “In the Mirror of Maya Deren”, the fascinating biography of the ground-breaking filmmaker Maya Deren. Jan Peters attended the first showing and commented on Jean Painlevé's films, providing a historical context and helping viewers to appreciate better what they were watching.

But what makes the October cycle special are the final two films, shown in the presence of their makers:

  • On Thursday 24 October, the Cinéclub screened “THEN AND NOW – Beyond Borders and Differences”, a compilation of seven short films by independent, well-known film-makers from the five continents. The film highlights the historical, spiritual and cultural links across cultures and beliefs. The CERN screening was attended by renowned international curator, Adelina von Fürstenberg, who produced the movie together with the NGO Art for The World.
  • On Thursday 31 October, Jan Peters will attend the Cinéclub’s screening of his film “Nothing is better than nothing at all” (Nichts ist besser als gar nichts). The CERN Cinéclub invites you to come along for the screening and to take part in the stimulating discussion that will follow.

by CERN Bulletin