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Prince of Asturias awards: a cultural programme open to all

On Thursday 24 October, CERN’s Director for Research and Computing Sergio Bertolucci joined Nobel Laureates Peter Higgs and François Englert in meeting with hundreds of students at Oviedo University. A series of exhibitions and events is being organised for the Spanish public through the cultural programme set up by the Prince of Asturias Foundation in the framework of the Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony. >>

Stakeholder Relations Office

Scientists, politicians, the public, school children, our neighbours, you. All of these groups of people have a stake in CERN, and all are important to us. >>

A word from Frédérick Bordry: Energy for future science

With the second workshop on Energy for Sustainable Science wrapping up in the CERN Main Auditorium, Chairman Frédérick Bordry takes this opportunity to discuss how CERN is contributing to the Sustainable Science conversation. >>

LS1 Report: Successful tests

At the PS Booster, the new beam dump and the associated shielding blocks surrounding it have been successfully installed and the installation of the beam transfer lines are now under way. The BI.SMH septum magnet has been successfully repaired following a confirmed vacuum leak. >>

300,000 requests, and just as many answers

Created almost three years ago, the CERN Service Desk has already simplified the lives of thousands of people at CERN. Here we look back over the history of this success story. >>

ARDENT ignites research careers

The ARDENT (Advanced Radiation Dosimetry European Network Training) project passed its mid-term review exercise with flying colours. At the recent workshop at the Politecnico of Milan, the ARDENT researchers again took full advantage of the networking and training opportunities offered by the project. >>

Taking ATLAS to new heights

Earlier this month, 51 members of the ATLAS collaboration trekked up to the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, Mt. Toubkal (4,167m), in North Africa.  >>

A competition for budding Spanish scientists is launched

Drawing, video, photo and even a challenging news story category complete the range of options offered by the competition launched by CERN in collaboration with the “Prince of Asturias” foundation. Open to young and very young students in Spain, the first prize for six Spanish pupils of all ages will be a trip to CERN. >>

Save our inboxes! Use e-mail wisely

At CERN, with collaborators all over the world, e-mail is inevitably the primary means of communication: we use it for everything from coordinating projects to organising lunches. But e-mail can also be one of the most inefficient means of communication we have! Here's how to fix it. >>

Egypt receives computers from CERN

On Tuesday 22 October, CERN officially celebrated sending IT equipment to Egypt, the fifth country to benefit from such donations after Morocco, Ghana, Bulgaria and Serbia. Although no longer adequate for CERN's cutting-edge research, these machines are still suitable for less demanding applications. >>

Cinema, from scientific enquiry to artistic expression

The CERN Cinéclub’s October cycle explores the evolution of cinema with film-makers Adelina von Fürstenberg and Jan Peters. >>

CERN among the honours in the Geneva inter-company cross-country race

On 12 October, members of the CERN Running Club were yet again among the medals at the 33rd Cross Inter-Entreprises de Genève. >>

Highlights from e-EPS: New milestone for ELI Beamlines facility

e-EPS News is a monthly addition to the CERN Bulletin line-up, showcasing articles from e-EPS – the European Physical Society newsletter – as part of a collaboration between the two publications. >>

Public PCs: Log Out or Lose Out

Do you regularly use one of the public Windows or Linux terminals in the CERN library or in front of the Users' Office? Or do you often give presentations or run meetings, workshops or conferences? Did you recently attend a training session in the CERN Training Centre? If you answered at least once with “yes”, we have a plea for you: LOG OUT when done in order to protect your data! >>

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