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From every angle

For nearly 60 years, CERN’s surveyors have measured the Laboratory’s tunnels and caverns both in preparation for the accurate positioning of magnets and detectors, and to plot their shapes, dimensions and other lumps and bumps. Now that they have the very latest 3D laser scanner, nothing will get past them. >>

Science in the service of energy

Meetings on the subject of energy have marked the past two weeks at CERN. The first was on how we use energy, the second on how we might generate it in the future. Both are important, not just for CERN, but for society as a whole. >>

LS1 Report: According to schedule

The AD’s BHN06 coils have been delivered back to CERN at long last from their repair at a Russian facility. The magnet will be reinstalled underneath the ATRAP experimental area, which has already been partially dismantled to make way for it. >>

Thorium: in search of a global solution

Last week, an international conference held at CERN brought together the world’s main experts in the field of alternative nuclear technology for the first time to discuss the use of thorium for the production of energy and the destruction of nuclear waste. Among the different technologies presented and discussed at the conference was ADS (Accelerator-Driven Systems) which relies primarily on particle accelerators. >>

Did you say “glacial”?

“The situation is improving very slowly, but it’s glacial.” This is Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s depressing assessment of the effects of the many and varied initiatives to increase the number of women working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers in the UK. >>

60 years: sleek and stylish

As you are aware, CERN will be celebrating its 60th birthday in 2014. To mark the event, next year will be filled with exciting events... of which there will be a taster in the next issue of the Bulletin. >>

Don’t let Chrome expose your passwords

Do you still struggle with remembering your password? Is this despite our many attempts to help you: “Train your Brain: Don't put your password on paper!" (article here), “Creativity@CERN” (article here) and “Maths to the rescue!" (article here)? Then you might have considered the “save your password” features in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer… these features remember your Facebook, CERN, Twitter, Amazon and ebay passwords. But be careful: it might be easy for someone to read them! >>

Raymond Cambarrat (1951 - 2013)

The news of the accidental death of Raymond Cambarrat while out in the mountains on 23 October left his colleagues and friends in a state of immense grief and deep sadness. >>

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