Keep your balance!

“In winter more injuries are sustained as a result of falls than road accidents.”


You may already have seen this little piece of information on the factsheet published by the Swiss non-profit insurance company SUVA, which the HSE Unit decided to make available at various distribution points around CERN this winter. Winter inevitably means snow and ice, which are often the cause of serious accidents.

But if you take a few basic precautions, you can make your life much easier during the winter and avoid unnecessary accidents. The HSE Unit is distributing SUVA’s free information pack entitled “Chutes en hiver” (in French only). You'll also find postcards together with a flyer entitled “8 conseils pour éviter de tomber en hiver” (in French only) at CERN's three restaurants as well as in Buildings 33 and 55 (the Reception and Registration buildings), in the Library and at the various catering points.

Posters with the factsheet and the flyer are displayed in French and in English in buildings that have “Safely yours” boards.

For further information on SUVA’s “Chutes en hiver” information pack (available in French only) watch the video presentation here (in French).

Do not hesitate to contact the HSE Unit for all safety-related matters at:

by HSE Unit