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Election of the Executive Committee: a vote for continuity

After the elections to the Staff Council in November, the results of which were published in the previous issue of Echo, the newly elected Staff Council convened on Tuesday, 3 December for the first time. >>

Our October 2013 public meetings (second part)

In this second article we continue the discussion about the issues addressed in our public meetings. We focus on the merit appraisal and reward scheme, MARS, and conclude with some general information. >>


Forestillinger / Performances CERN Council Chamber Thursday 12 December 2013 at 20:00 Episodes 3 and 4 Thursday 19 December 2013 at 20:00 Episodes 5 and 6 Directed by Per Fly (Denmark, 2007) Forestillinger (Performances) is a Danish TV series in six parts by ex-Dogma director Per Fly. >>

Club de pétanque

Dans le cadre des concours inter-nations pour la trente-septième Coupe de Noël qui a réuni 16 doublettes et qui se déroulait le vendredi 22 novembre au boulodrome de la Queue... >>


The « Théâtre de Carouge » offers a 5.- CHF discount for all shows (30.- CHF instead of 35. >>


« Nouveaux partenaires chez Interfon » Sociétaire Interfon ! Profitez des conditions particulières de nos nouveaux fournisseurs. >>

News Articles

CERN’s surveyors send sparks flying  
Ringing the changes in the Ombuds office  
LS1 Report: A stubborn cavity will soon be replaced  
Bringing up beams  
CERN Fellows, don’t splash that cash!  
Machine maintenance: the rules of the game  
PACMAN – an Innovative Doctoral Programme for CLIC  
WAMAS: an event to develop synergies between research and industry  
A new award for the CERN Pension Fund  
New arrivals  
No certificate, no chocolate  
News from the Library: Your opinion matters!  

Official News

Health insurance for "frontaliers"  
End-of-year closure 2013/2014  

Training and Development

Personal development and communication courses – Places available  
General and professionnal French courses  
Are you a Project Leader, PSO, GLIMOS?! Are you in line to be one?  
A new magnet for the LHC mock-up  
New session of “CERN Document Server (CDS), Inspire and Library Services”  
Safety Training: places available in November - December 2013  


CERN car stickers for 2014  
CERN Infirmary closed for building work  
CinéGlobe invites you to participate in a poster design competition  
Start of new Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon 2020  
Keep your balance!  
Do not miss the Announcements and Events sections of the Bulletin!  
The tree-felling campaign has to continue  
CERN Shop Christmas Sale  
Snow, ice… and other reasons to be cheerful!  
Pre-paid envelopes commemorating the 2013 Open Days  
Lights on for daytime driving: mandatory from 1 January 2014  


Alison Gill – "To See a World", an exhibition of new sculpture and works on paper  
"Particle Fever": avant-premiere at CERN Main auditorium on 10 December, at 19:30  
Lecture at the Globe | "From the Higgs boson to the search for new physics: the prospects for the LHC programme at CERN"  
Joint Universities Accelerator School  
European School of Instrumentation in Particle and Astroparticle Physics  



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