A new magnet for the LHC mock-up

This year, the safety training centre on the Prévessin site acquired a mock-up of the LHC, which simulates the work and safety conditions in the tunnel.


Photo: Christoph Balle.

A new dummy quadrupole has just been added to the magnet chain, making the mock-up even more realistic. The new facility, which was a joint endeavour by the TE, GS, BE and EN Departments, will significantly improve the quality of the various training courses held at the centre, particularly the course on the use of self-rescue masks.

To consult the safety training catalogue and/or sign up for radiation protection training, please go to: https://cta.cern.ch.

For further information, please contact the Safety Training and Awareness service by telephone on 73811 or 79935 or by e-mail to safety-training@cern.ch.


by HSE Unit