Plat du jour – Short Films!

Next week, take a break from the cafeteria and have a ciné-lunch at the Globe!


How about if, for a change, you forgot your lunch meeting and went to the movies with your colleagues (or that person that you always wanted to ask out) right here on the CERN site?

CERN will be hosting the next CineGlobe International Film Festival from 18 to 23 March in the Globe of Science and Innovation, with the theme "Beyond the Frontier". The 4th annual festival will see 66 short films "inspired by science" in competition, including fiction films as well as documentaries.

From Tuesday 18 to Friday 21, special lunch sessions will take place from 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. Food will be available for purchase at the “Café Cinéma” tent next to the Globe.

Special evenings:
While the short film screenings are the heart of the festival, each year CineGlobe also organises compelling special events every night, from feature films to special musical performances:

  • Tuesday 18 March: The Swiss premiere of the acclaimed documentary film Particle Fever. Presented by BBC Storyville with Fabiola Gianotti and director Mark Levinson in attendance;
  • Wednesday 19 March: The result of the “Story Matter” Hackathon, the first-ever international summit to create new media stories with technology and science, an event organised in collaboration with the renowned Tribeca Film Institute in New York;
  • Thursday 20 March: A panel of Internet privacy and security experts will discuss the question: how close are we to Orwell’s nightmare in this day and age? The British band Teeth of the Sea will then perform live their original, CineGlobe-commissioned, audio-visual musical interpretation of George Orwell’s 1984, 30 years after the legendary date;
  • Friday 21 March: A collection of short films on Mapping Art accompanied by a unique interactive dance performance by CENC with LED installations, presented by the Geneva Mapping Festival;
  • All weekend: screenings of short films and a special night on Saturday evening dedicated to the CineGlobe awards ceremony.

The films in competition will be screened at lunchtimes and in the early evenings from Tuesday to Friday and all day at the weekend. Entry to all sessions is free. Note that special nights will require a reservation, via

All programmes will be presented in French and English. The full schedule is available on the Festival's website.

CineGlobe is made possible by the help of many volunteers. If you’d like to join us, please go to and we will be happy to welcome you to the team!

by Claudia Marcelloni