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AXEL–2014: Introduction to Particle Accelerators   >>

New course: "Introduction to knowledge transfer tools"

The Knowledge Transfer group is now offering a half-day course that will give an introduction to intellectual property, contracts for knowledge transfer, and projects involving industry and other external partners. >>

Safety Training: places available in March 2014

There are places available in the forthcoming Safety courses. For updates and registrations, please refer to the Safety Training Catalogue (see here). >>

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News Articles

Life is good at 13 TeV  
Innovating in knowledge transfer  
LS1 Report: As one door closes, another opens  
Making a good impression  
The CERN “Concurso” spreads particle physics all over Spain  
Plat du jour – Short Films!  
Memoirs of a CERN pioneer  
Behind the scenes of GS: a professional fire and rescue service like no other  
Computer Security: When a person leaves - access rights remain!  
Ombuds' Corner: How much does a smile cost?  
Patrick Durand (1953 – 2014)  

Official News

Taxation in France: Public meeting on Wednesday 19 March 2014  
Taxation in Switzerland  
Administrative Circular No. 13 (Rev. 3) - Guarantees for representatives of the personnel  
Administrative Circular No. 26 (Rev.10) - Recognition of merit  


2014 Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics  
Radiography at CERN  
CERN psychologist: new consulting days  


Paul Baillon presents the book "Differential manifolds: a basic approach for experimental physicists" | 25 March  
Performance: a project on femicide | 26 March 7 p.m. | Palais des Nations  
Conference | Science and global governance: CERN’s Advocacy for Science in the International Community | 26 March 18:15  
Your science in 3 minutes!  
Université de Genève | Physics Colloquium | 31 March  
Université de Genève | Séminaire de physique corpusculaire | 19 March  

Staff Association

Results of the staff survey: your priorities  
Cine Club  
Dancing Club  



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