Ebola virus: recommendations

The CERN Medical Service has been closely following, in particular via the WHO, the development of the Ebola virus outbreak currently affecting some African countries. This infectious disease may be passed on through direct contact with the bodily fluids of a sick person.


Based on the recommendations of the WHO and the two Host States, Switzerland and France, as updated on their respective websites, so far there has been no ban on travel to the countries concerned. However, unless it is absolutely essential, you are advised not to visit any of the countries affected by Ebola (Guinea, Republic of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria).

The two Host States have established an alert system, and a check is carried out on departure from the airports of those countries. It is strongly recommended that you contact the Medical Service if you are travelling to those countries.

We remind you to observe the basic rules of hygiene such as frequent hand washing, whatever your destination.

The Medical Service is at your disposal to help prepare for professional travel by advising on preventive measures related to your health.

Updated information on the CERN Medical Service website:


by CERN Medical Service