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The "Self-Rescue MaskSelf-Rescue Mask" face-to-face training course has been replaced by a revised version. This measure concerns both the initial and the refresher course.

For personnel who have successfully attended the initial or refresher Self-Rescue Mask training within the last three years, their Self-Rescue Mask training will still be valid. 

The course description and registration form can be found in the training catalogue on the Safety Training Service’s website or catalogue.

The Self-Rescue Mask training course is a mandatory prerequisite for following the new "Portable ODH Detector" e-learning course.



A new e-learning awareness course, "Portable ODH Detector", is available via the SIR application on CERN’s intranet.

Personnel requiring a portable ODH detector of the DRÄGER x-am 5000 type to allowed access the LHC accelerator must follow this new e-learning awareness course. However, a valid Self-Rescue Mask course is a mandatory prerequisite.

The instructions given in the course go beyond those of the manufacturer’s user manual by taking into account the specific:

  • CERN configuration of the portable ODH detector,
  • conditions of the LHC tunnel, and
  • CERN internal contacts regarding this device.

The e-learning course lasts for approximately 10 minutes.

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