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CALET: a stopover at CERN before flying to space

CALET is an electron telescope that will be flying to the ISS this year. Calibration tests are currently being completed on a replica of the instrument at CERN’s H8 beam line. The final payload will then be transported on board a Japanese transfer vehicle and docked on the JEM-EF platform to take data and explore the high-energy cosmos. >>

Keeping HL-LHC accountable

This week saw the cost and schedule of the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) and LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) projects come under close scrutiny from the external review committee set up for the purpose.  >>

LHC Report: The beam is back at the LHC

A series of sector beam tests paved the way for the start-up of the LHC in 2008 and 2009. These tests and the follow-up of the issues that arose were part of the process that led to a smooth start-up with beam. >>

Build your own tiny Lego LHC

A PhD student working on the ATLAS experiment has created a replica of the Large Hadron Collider using Lego building blocks. Nathan Readioff, from the University of Liverpool (see here), submitted his design to Lego Ideas (see here) this week and is now awaiting the 10,000 votes needed for it to qualify for the Lego Review, which decides if projects become new Lego products. You can help this project, vote online now! >>

The poetry of (POP) science

Only one person from CERN, Thomas Otto, was among the winners of the POPScience international poetry competition recently run in the framework of the EU-funded project of the same name. The TE Departmental Safety Officer won in the English category with three poems inspired by CERN and its people. >>

They rose to the challenge!

The Challenge-Based Innovation programme is a Masters-level initiative developed at CERN in collaboration with many universities around the world. The first programme saw 45 students take part, and their final results were presented at an official "gala" held on 26 February. >>

Donation of CERN computing equipment to Pakistan

An official ceremony marking the eighth donation of CERN computing equipment to an outside institute, this time a university in Pakistan, took place on Monday, 2 March.   >>

Computer Security: Printing confidentially

Have you ever hesitated to print a confidential document using CERN printers? Or perhaps you have rushed quickly to the printer after hitting the “print” button in order to avoid someone else getting hold of and reading your document? These times are over now with the new printing infrastructure! >>

Ombud’s Corner: At cross purposes?

Very often, misunderstandings originate from the assumptions we make about people’s intentions, even where in fact there are no actual differences in thinking. Sometimes, speaking up is enough to resolve these misunderstandings… provided this is what both parties want. >>

Blood donation | 31 March

... >>

The Bulletin turns 50!

What does the Bulletin mean to you? Send us your thoughts! >>

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