Composition of the Joint Advisory Appeals Board (JAAB) - 2015 Exercise

                                            Appointed by the Director-General
Member                                    Nicole POLIVKA / GS  
1st deputy                                 Mats MØLLER / IT  
2nd deputy                               Ramon FOLCH / EN 

                                            Appointed by the Staff Association

Member                                    Flavio COSTA / IT
1st deputy                                 Almudena SOLERO / DG
2nd deputy                               Eric VEYRUNES / BE

Ms Polivka and Mr Costa have drawn up the following list of staff members from among whom the Chairperson of the Board may be chosen when required: 

Sandrine BAUDAT / FP                                                           Pierre CHARRUE / BE
François BRIARD / DG                                                                  Joel CLOSIER / PH
François BUTIN / EN                                                        Django MANGLUNKI / BE
Etienne CARLIER / TE                                                                Pedro MARTEL / GS
Philippe CHARPENTIER / PH                                              Malika MEDDAHI / TE

Mediators [see Administrative Circular N° 6 (Rev. 1) entitled "Review procedure"] will also be selected from this list of ten staff members.

The composition of CERN official bodies for 2015 is available in this document.

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