Composition of the Joint Advisory Disciplinary Board (JADB) - 2015 Exercise

                                            Appointed by the Director-General
Member                                    John PYM / DG  
1st deputy                                 Gianluigi ARDUINI/ BE  
2nd deputy                               Dante GREGORIO / FP 

                                            Appointed by the Staff Association

Member                                    Sigrid KNOOPS / TE
1st deputy                                 Olivier BOETCHER / EN
2nd deputy                               Nick ZIOGAS / FP

Mr Pym and Ms Knoops have drawn up the following list of staff members from among whom the Chairperson of the Board may be chosen when required:

Simon BAIRD / EN                                                                         Stephan PETIT / GS
Ronny BILLEN / BE                                                                  Ignacio REGUERO / IT
Sylvain CHAPELAND / PH                                                       Laurent TAVIAN / TE
Doris FORKEL-WIRTH / HSE                                      Pierre VANDE VYVRE / PH
Alberto PACE / IT                                                                    Andreas WAGNER / IT

The composition of CERN official bodies for 2015 is available in this document.

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