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Next Indefinite Contract review exercise

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to inform you that the 2015 LD2IC exercise (selection process for the conversion of limited-duration contracts into indefinite contracts) has been officially launched. >>

Family benefits - Obligation to provide information

Pursuant to Article R V 1.38 of the Staff Regulations, members of the personnel are reminded that they are required to inform the Organization in writing, within 30 calendar days, of any change in their family situation (marriage, partnership, birth of a child, etc.) and of the amount of any financial benefit of a similar nature to those stipulated in the Staff Regulations (e.g. family allowance, child allowance, infant allowance, non-resident allowance or international indemnity) to which they or a member of their family may be entitled from a source other than CERN. >>

Staff Rules and Regulations - Modification n°9 to the 11th edition

In accordance with CERN/3166 and recommendations made and decisions taken at the Finance Committee and Council meetings in March 2015, the following pages of the Staff Rules and Regulations have been updated with effect from 31 March 2015: >>

Driving a CERN vehicle in the European Union: new customs regulation

On 1 May 2015, the European Union brought in a new regulation regarding “the temporary importation of means of transport intended to be used by a natural person resident in the customs territory of the Union” (see here). >>

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Training and Development

Coming soon - Launch of e-learning initiative for supervisors  


Blood Donation | 21-22 July  
Going on holiday? Travelling on duty? Do you know what to do if your mobile phone is lost or stolen?  
Work on the Building 4 car park and closure of Entrance A  
Announcement by the Internal Transport Service  
Traffic modifications on Routes Rutherford, Democrite and Fermi  
Doing business with CERN  


Public Lecture Collide@CERN Pro Helvetia | 23 July | Main Auditorium  
The Physics of Music and the Music of Physics | CERN at the Montreux Jazz Festival | 9 July  

Staff Association

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Collection for Nepal  
Cine club  
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Orienteering Club  



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