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CERN moves to   >>

Please exercise extreme caution at the Saint-Genis roundabout   >>

Closure of the Car Pool in building 130 until 6 November

The Car Pool, Building 130, will be closed from Friday, 9 October until Friday, 6 November for renovation. >>

Vaccination against seasonal flu

The Medical Service once again recommends you to get your annual flu vaccination for the year. >>

Register now for ISOTDAQ 2016

The International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition (ISOTDAQ) 2016 is the seventh in a series of International Schools dedicated to introducing MSc and PhD students to the "arts and crafts" of triggering and acquiring data for physics experiments. >>

2016 Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) - Registrations

The registrations for the 2016 session of the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) are now open. >>

2016 European School of Instrumentation in Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ESIPAP) - Registrations

The registrations for the 2016 session of the European School of Instrumentation in Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ESIPAP) are now open. >>

Work on the Building 4 car park and closure of Entrance A

From 6 July to 31 October 2015, the GS department will be carrying out renovation work on the car park next to Buildings 4 and 5. This work is aimed at improving safety on and around the car park for all users, particularly children attending the nursery school, pedestrians and cyclists. >>

Traffic modifications on Routes Rutherford, Democrite and Fermi

The GS Department would like to inform you that, until the end of December, the construction of Building 245 will result in the following traffic modifications: >>

News Articles

A bright weekend: THE Port develops a better solution for the “Children of the Night”  
The CERN model as a possible template for global cooperation  
LHC Report: special run with de-squeezed beams for ATLAS/ALFA and TOTEM  
CERN’s model for international scientific collaboration to be discussed at UNOG  
The jobs behind the science  
Passport to the Big Bang moves across the road  
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TEDxCERN breaks the rules  
CAS course on Advanced Accelerator Physics in Warsaw  
From the CERN web: data analysis, di-jet asymmetry and more  
Computer Security: is your code sane?  
Ombud’s Corner: toxic tales  

Official News

Elections to the Senior Staff Advisory Committee (“The Nine”) 2015  

Training and Development

Launch of technical training courses for programmers  
Places available - Technical management courses (up to the end of 2015)  
Places available – Leadership programme (up to the end of 2015)  
Places available - Personal development and communication courses (up to the end of 2015)  


CERN Library | Roy Calne presents: "The Ratchet of Science - Curiosity killed the cat" | 26 October  
QUANTUM @ Théâtre Forum Meyrin | 30-31 October  
Hypertension screening programme | 2-6 November  
Blood donation | 4 November  
It’s time to go “Back to the Future”!  

Staff Association

Outcome of the 2015 five-yearly review: decision time  
2015 Elections to Staff Council  
Cine Club  



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