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A bright weekend: THE Port develops a better solution for the “Children of the Night”

THE Port Hackathon took place at CERN and Geneva’s Campus Biotech from 2 to 4 October. Among the various prototypes presented at the final event was a novel solution for the special mask that children suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum have to wear to reduce their risk of getting skin cancer. The whole initiative was triggered by an article published in one of the summer issues of the Bulletin. >>

The CERN model as a possible template for global cooperation

CERN’s relationship with the United Nations continues to thrive. We were represented in the UN General Assembly in New York, where the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, structured around 17 Sustainable Development Goals, was formally adopted. This replaces and builds on the millennium development goals, and continues the UN’s long tradition of keeping development in the spotlight through ambitious target setting. >>

LHC Report: special run with de-squeezed beams for ATLAS/ALFA and TOTEM

The main high-luminosity proton-proton run of the LHC is complemented by one week per year of special proton-proton runs. The special runs are performed with larger beam sizes at the interaction points to allow the forward physics experiments, TOTEM and ATLAS/ALFA, the chance to make precise measurements of protons as they emerge from collisions at small angles. >>

CERN’s model for international scientific collaboration to be discussed at UNOG

On 2 November, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, CERN and UNOG will co-host a one-day symposium, with the support of Switzerland and France. The event will bring together policy-makers, scientists and members of civil society to debate how to construct synergies across communities as a means to drive global objectives. CERN people are invited to the Palais des Nations to take part. >>

The jobs behind the science

The HR Recruitment Unit has launched a series of short videos designed to attract the very best talents that CERN needs to pursue its cutting-edge research. CERN is very well-known for hiring physicists, but engineers, technicians and professionals working in diverse sectors in our 21 Member States are less aware that they too can have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in this unique place. >>

Passport to the Big Bang moves across the road

The ATLAS platform of the Passport to the Big Bang circuit has been relocated in front of the CERN Reception. >>

First shipment of magnets from CERN to SESAME

On Monday, 19 October, CERN will bid a fond farewell to two containers of magnets. Their destination: SESAME, the synchrotron light source under construction in Jordan. >>

TEDxCERN breaks the rules

On Friday, 9 October, TEDxCERN brought together 14 ‘rule-breakers’ to explore ideas that push beyond the boundaries of academia. They addressed a full house of 600 audience members, as well as thousands watching the event online. >>

CAS course on Advanced Accelerator Physics in Warsaw

The CERN Accelerator School (CAS) and the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) recently organised a course on Advanced Accelerator Physics. The course was held in Warsaw, Poland from 27 September to 9 October 2015.  >>

From the CERN web: data analysis, di-jet asymmetry and more

This section highlights articles, blog posts and press releases published in the CERN web environment over the past weeks. This way, you won’t miss a thing... >>

Computer Security: is your code sane?

How many of us write code? Software? Programs? Scripts? How many of us are properly trained in this and how well do we do it? Do we write functional, clean and correct code, without flaws, bugs and vulnerabilities*? In other words: are our codes sane? >>

Ombud’s Corner: toxic tales

Gossip comes with a high dose of toxicity that spreads and propagates. It differs from harmless everyday conversations in that it often tends to be inflammatory or embarrassing to people, and feeds off a negative emotional charge, which is hurtful, damaging and insidious… So, ask yourselves about that last juicy story you just heard: is it something you would repeat in front of the person concerned? >>

CERN moves to

A new top-level domain for CERN will be inaugurated next week, with the migration of the core website to >>

Please exercise extreme caution at the Saint-Genis roundabout

In the interests of enhanced safety, a new pathway for pedestrians and cyclists has been constructed around the outside of the Saint-Genis roundabout. However, the markings of the previous cycle path, which is now closed to traffic, are still visible and can cause confusion. We therefore call on everyone to exercise extreme caution and to use the new pathway. >>

Hypertension screening programme | 2-6 November

The health campaign “Take your blood pressure to heart”, organised by the CERN Medical Service’s nurses in March 2015 proved a real success. >>

Blood donation | 4 November

... >>

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Please exercise extreme caution at the Saint-Genis roundabout  
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