CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) – Reimbursement of contraception and sterilisation

In line with the practice in many Member States and in other international organisations based in Geneva, the CHIS will, as of 1 March 2016, reimburse upon presentation of a medical prescription:


  1. contraceptive medicine (e.g. oral medicine or implant);
  2. intrauterine contraceptive devices; and
  3. medical sterilisation operations (vasectomy, tubal ligations).

These methods of contraception will be considered as pharmaceutical costs or medical treatments, to which the reimbursement rate according to the general rule and the reimbursement bonus apply. Treatment undertaken, or paid for, before March 2016 will not be reimbursed.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the third-party administrator of the CHIS: UNIQA (Tel.: 72730 /

by HR Department