Taxation in France

Information regarding income tax in France. Request for additional information: social security number and personal details.

Some members of the personnel living in France have received a letter from the French tax authorities accompanied by a form, to be returned by 31 March 2016 at the latest, asking them to indicate their social security number and to confirm their personal details.

As employed members of the CERN personnel are members of the Organization’s own health insurance scheme and do not participate in the French social security system, we recommend that you tick the box indicating that you do not have a social security number.

We also advise you to specify in writing that, as an employed member of the CERN personnel, you do not participate in the French social security system especially by virtue of the 1970 agreement on social security between France and CERN: “Je ne suis pas soumis(e), en tant que fonctionnaire du CERN, à la sécurité sociale française en vertu de l’accord de sécurité sociale de 1970 entre la France et le CERN (cf. JO du 04-08-1971).”

N.B.: If your spouse participates in the French social security system, he or she should communicate his or her social security number as requested.

If you have any specific questions, please contact HR at 73903 or your local tax office (Service des impôts des particuliers​ - SIP) directly. 


by HR Department