Nicolas Perez, EN delegate

Name: Nicolas Perez
Age: 55
Married with 3 children
Lives in Challex
Works in EN/HE – Lifts Section

I arrived at CERN in 1983, working in the mechanical workshop providing industrial support for an external company. In 1996, occupying the same position, I had the honour to become a staff member, and another seven years later I was awarded an indefinite contract.

In 1996 I also joined the Staff Association, however it was only in autumn 2015, following encouragement from some close colleagues (delegates themselves) that I decided to stand as a candidate to become a staff delegate. I was elected in November and I should like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who voted for me.

The reasons why I decided to take this step are quite simple; I feel that CERN has given me a great deal and I have also invested heavily in the Organisation, where I have done the majority of my career, so that I now have enough experience which I should like to share with my younger colleagues.

To give an example, I benefited from Internal Mobility back in 2010. Despite the fact that it was a rather long and arduous process, I can testify that Internal Mobility does work. Being able to make this career change was highly beneficial not only for me, but also for the Organization as I am entirely satisfied in my position. This also demonstrates that if management supports someone willing to give their best, both sides gain from the process.

Coming back to my role as a delegate, I am involved in several commissions where I discover a huge work is done. We tackle many varied subjects with the objective of defending all members of the personnel. Even though I have spent many years at CERN, I still need to perfect my knowledge regarding the running of the Organization, so as to be able to better advise my colleagues should they request my assistance.

Now a delegate of the Staff Association, participating actively in the Staff Council and several commissions, I shall endeavour to share my ideas and points of view so as to contribute to the progression of ongoing cases.

As a young delegate, I am struck by the positive atmosphere within the Staff Association; everyone is given the right to express themselves freely without the fear of being judged, the environment is friendly and good humoured despite the often very serious matters that we deal with.

I should like to end with a call to all members of the personnel as it is my opinion that staff delegates are not consulted as much as they could be. Please don’t hesitate to come and discuss any issue which may be of concern. Often a simple discussion with a delegate can switch a difficult situation to something more positive.

by Staff Association