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Club news and cultural activities

The club of the week : CERN FLY FISHING CLUB, Concerts, Riding Club, Yachting, Pétanque ; Exhibitions : Galerie ANALIX FOREVER, REGARDS. >>

Elections to Staff Council

The Staff Association will shortly be renewing the mandate of half of the Staff Council. This is an opportunity for you to become more directly involved in the Staff Association's work and help promote and defend the staff's interests and, more broadly, those of the Organization itself. >>

Five-Yearly Review: TREF avoids the worst!

In our last edition, we informed you about the Staff Council decision to reject the entire set of proposals for the five-yearly review, on the basis of the Director-General's revised proposals 2 and 10. >>

News Articles

Blue skies for CLOUD  
A word from the DG: Improved safety at CERN  
The thousandth ALICE member  
A false explosion for a real intervention  
A New Superconducting Wire for Future Accelerators  
Discovery Mondays - 'The LHC: an accelerator of science'  
Events at the Globe of Science and Innovation  
Two Nobel Prize winners in two days  
Wolfgang Schnell (1929 - 2006)  

Official News

Annual general meeting of the pension fund  

Training and Development

Texas Instruments Technical Seminar: Power Management and Wireless  
Technical Training: Places available and full programme  
Language training  

General Information

Great Britain at CERN  
Information from the Users Office  
Notice of car park and road closures  
Flu Vaccination  
End of support for Windows 2000, Office 2000 and Office XP at CERN  
Upgrade of telephone exchange  
Décès - French version only  
Conférences extérieures - Université de Genève - French version only  



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