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Gates to the CERN site - Changes and reminder

I. Gate E New international agreements have been concluded between CERN, Switzerland and France concerning Gate E ('Charles de Gaulle Gate') aimed at reducing congestion at the Prévessin-RN84 and Meyrin Route customs posts, in particular during the work associated with the future Cornavin-Meyrin-CERN tram link. >>

Improved safety at CERN

As announced in Weekly Bulletin No. 43/2006, a new approach to the implementation of Safety at CERN has been decided, which required taking some managerial decisions. >>

News Articles

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Training and Development

Academic training: QCD: are we ready for the LHC  
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ACCU Meeting  
Practical Guide to Civil Mediation  
Information from the IT Department  
Logistics Services Communication  
Communication from the Restaurants 1 and 2  
Publication of the bulletin  
Reduced heating level during the end-of-year closure  
United Nations Women's Guild  
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Staff Association

Other activities  
Club's news, Cultural activities  
Insurance cover against loss of earnings - latest news  
When we go over the limit, there are no more limits! The proof...  



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