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Club news, Cultural activities

GAC. The Club of the week: Dancing Club. Concert Club. CERN Women's Club. Ciné-Club.Dancing Club. Car Club. >>

January salary

If you are a staff member and head of family you will have noticed an increase in the family allowances on you January pay slip. >>

MAPS II: your position in the new salary grid

Your mass attendance at the public meetings on the new merit recognition system, MAPS II, clearly shows that there is a need for information. >>

News Articles

Sigurd Lettow: 'Adopting an overall approach'  
ALICE installs its TPC  
Francesco Ruggiero - 1957-2007  

Official News

Memorandum from the HR Department and the Legal Service concerning taxation in SWITZERLAND  
Supplementary contribution payable to the health insurance scheme for the spouse's coverage  
Reminder - Equal Opportunities Advisory Panel  

Training and Development

Academic training: Introduction to Supersymmetry  
Language training  

General Information

Information on the thefts committed in the Pays de Gex  
Transport operations and closure notification  
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