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Memorandum from the HR Department and the Legal Service concerning taxation in SWITZERLAND

(Federal, Cantonal and Communal income taxes) The Swiss Federal Tax Authorities have recognised CERN's internal taxation system, as approved by the CERN Council in September 2005, with retroactive effect to 1 January 2005. >>

Supplementary contribution payable to the health insurance scheme for the spouse's coverage

Staff Members, Fellows and Pensioners are reminded that any change in their marital status, as well as any change in the spouse or registered partner's income or health insurance cover, shall be notified in writing to CERN, within 30 calendar days of the change, in accordance with Articles III 6. >>

Reminder - Equal Opportunities Advisory Panel

At its meeting on 7 December 2006, the Standing Concertation Committee also took note of the nomination of a fourth new member of the Panel: Wisla Carena. >>

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