The story of a historic morning

"To be invited to CERN and also to be involved in a historic moment is a career dream. It’s a place where everyone learns from each other and contributes their speciality to construct something unique that defies understanding."

Trivan Pal, Paul Scherrer Institute

"CERN is an organization of many challenges, it is difficult to represent its size and quality. Its achievements are stacked like Russian dolls in order to build a true giant."

Attila Razc CERN, PH

"CERN is more than a place of work. The scope of its projects and the zest of its personnel make it a place to work and to live."

Pavel Tashev, Summer Student

"The research happening here is such that it needs at least one or two years of a doctorate to grasp its range. What’s more, it’s a never-ending effort of understanding, the field of research is truly huge."

Vladimir Uzhinskiy, CERN, PH-SFT

We are all excited, for us this is something totally new, and you need new data. This is a big jump forward. We have been working towards this for many years"

Luigi Moroni, INFN

"Well I’m quite excited to be here. I’m going to stay in the Main Auditorium for the morning and watch what happens!"

Susan Schaefer, CERN Library

"As a theorist, I’m excited. This event marks the beginning of a new particle physics era."

Gary Shiu, PH

I have been at CERN for just one year developing software and it’s really exciting to be here, I know that it is an historic moment. It’s very exciting for me and my colleagues.

Carlos Garcia, IT