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Collaborations on the starting blocks

The detectors are finished, the caverns are closed, and the experiments are taking their first data (courtesy of the cosmos). Together, the six experiments of the LHC represent a culmination of an immense international journey, one that has depended on technology and innovation that could barely have been imagined when the experiments were first proposed, some as long ago as 1992. Here we take a brief look at how they have each evolved since those early days. >>

A word from the CSO: The LHC experiments are going on-line

In the early discussions about experiments for a future high-energy proton collider the statement, "but we don’t know how to build detectors that can work in such an environment" was made more than once. >>

10 September: CERN in the media spotlight

Media organisations around the world are holding their breath in anticipation for the moment the LHC circulates its first proton beam. >>

Mark the date! LHC inauguration and LHC-Fest CERN, Tuesday 21 October 2008

"For a long time we will remember the year 2008, an important year for CERN. as it marks the achievement of the LHC, a great tool for future discoveries, and the completion of exceptional works that demanded the commitment and motivation of many… a remarkable motivation," declared Director-General Robert Aymar during a recent interview. >>

The Amateur Radio Club: want to be on the same wavelength?

We all know about cosmic background radiation, but most of us are probably less familiar with other forms of radio signals at CERN. Here’s an opportunity to discover the CERN Amateur Radio Club (CARC) - callsign F6KAR - which is currently installing a new shortwave antenna. >>

The Globe: Exhibitions and Events

Globe of Science and Innovation 1st floor Route de Meyrin, 1211 Geneva Friday, 26 September at 8.30 p. >>

Molecular helpers wanted... Call for volunteers!

The Task Force in charge of the organization of the LHC Inauguration is looking for 40 volunteers to support the team of molecular cooks directed by international chef Ettore Bocchia. >>

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