And the winner of the Golden CinéGlobe is…

Three years after the first CinéGlobe festival, the CERN film club has just organised a second international festival of short films and science documentaries, attended by a host of film-makers and film fans alike. Six special prizes were awarded.

One of the Golden CinéGlobe awards

The second Golden CinéGlobe award ceremony was held in the Globe on the evening of Saturday, 20 February. Now something of a magnet for local fans of short films and science documentaries, the CinéGlobe festival has become one of the most successful events organised by a CERN club. "Organising the festival has been a gratifying experience as many people have taken part in and enjoyed the event", says Quentin King, vice-chairman of the CERN film club, Open Your Eyes Films. "Time was our worst enemy. It took us a year to bring the project to fruition but we could have done with another year to refine some of the details".

The 18 screenings in the Globe and the Forum Meyrin drew a large and attentive audience. "The first festival in 2007 was confined to short films in the general fiction category. This time round, to attract as wide an audience as possible, we added two new categories, science fiction and science documentaries", explains Jacques Hervé Fichet, one of the organisers.

Entry to the screenings was free, which was particularly appreciated by the younger visitors to the Festival. "The younger audience was very interested in the general fiction films, while older visitors were attracted by the science documentaries", says Jacques. "Throughout the week we noted a heightened interest not only among the general public but also among film makers". The screenings were attended by 32 film makers this year, compared to only two for the first Festival.

Organising an international festival of video productions is no mean feat. "We proceeded in two stages", explains Quentin. First, we had to advertise the Festival to make sure we attracted the best short films from all over the world. This involved using specialist sites such as Then, all the films were reviewed by the members of the Open Your Eyes Films club and we organised a series of test screenings of the best entries at CERN and in Geneva. Finally, the selection committee met to pick the 78 films that would be featured in the Festival, and the jury and the public chose the winners from among them".

The winners of the six jury and audience prizes were as follows:

Golden CinéGlobe jury prize for best general fiction film:
Neville in a Blue Dress
Michael Steel
Bridge and Tunnel Productions

Golden CinéGlobe jury prize for best science fiction film:
World Builder
Bruce Branit

Golden CinéGlobe jury prize for best science documentary:
Dr W : Class of Titans
Muyi Neira

Golden CinéGlobe audience prize for best general fiction film:
Un Dimanche Après Midi
Rémy Caetano

Golden CinéGlobe audience prize for best science fiction film:
Let There be Sound
Christian Lachenschmidt, Christian Scheck, Stefan J. Wühr
Tom, Dick & Harry

Golden CinéGlobe audience prize for best science documentary:
Irene Suarez-Martinez


by Laëtitia Pedroso