A trip to Rome—thanks to antimatter

The Angels and Demons exhibition created by the PH Department’s Education Group came to an end last summer. The exhibition was accompanied by a competition, with a first prize of a flight to Rome. Now we know the winner’s name.

An exhibit of the Angels&Demons - the science behind the story exhibition

She is Sarah Manton, and she is from Scotland. In September Sarah will fly to Rome with her husband to retrace the Angels and Demons street itinerary. “We are looking forward to visiting the usual tourist sights, including all the places that feature in Angels and Demons such as the Pantheon,” she said in answer to a question from the exhibition organisers.

The couple was touring CERN when, intrigued by the Globe and the name of the exhibition, they decided to do a visit and participate in the competition. Five correct answers on antimatter later—and several months on—Sarah got a pleasant surprise: “I decided to have a go at the quiz and I came home and forgot about it completely. I was amazed and thrilled to receive the e-mail saying that I had won.”

The couple is departing soon, and without any trepidation: “Fortunately, after our visit to the exhibition, we know that we will not have to worry about anyone trying to blow up the Vatican with antimatter! Thank you CERN for giving us this tremendous opportunity,” concludes the proud winner.

by Alizée Dauvergne