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A third of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering is available on your CERN desktop

Looking for a technical standard on software reviews and audits? Is it referred to as "IEEE color books"? Want to download and read NOW the latest version of IEEE 802? Whenever a need for a technical standard or specification arises in your activity, the Library is here to serve you. For IEEE standards it is particularly easy; the whole collection is available for immediate download.

Indeed, since 2007, the CERN Library offers readers online access to the complete IEEE Electronic Library (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). This licence gives unlimited online access to all IEEE and IET journals and proceedings, starting from the first issue. But not everyone knows that this resource gives also access to all current IEEE standards as well as a selection of archival ones. The Library is now working on the integration of a selection of these standards in our online catalogue, the CERN Document Server (CDS).

Please don't hesitate to contact to let us know which IEEE standards you consider the most relevant for your work and therefore you would like us to catalogue in CDS.

The Library provides in addition a large collection of standards from other publishers such as AFNOR, ISO or IEC available on CDS. If you need standards that are not held in the Library, just contact us, we can order it immediately on your behalf and you'll get the electronic version in the coming hours.

List of IEEE standards arranged by subject:

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