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The Invisible Web  
Delivering new physics at impressive speed  
The Latest from the LHC: The success of the lead ion run continues  
Do atoms and anti-atoms obey the same laws of physics?  
The CERN Global Network opens its doors to companies  
Restaurant No. 1 seating capacity increases by 240  
A rendez-vous with history  
New psychologist at CERN  
A very special Physics Class gets a flavour of the “spirit of CERN”  
The colours of CERN  
That’s a matter for ALICE!  
Behind the scenes at LHCb  
EIROforum welcomes the European XFEL as a new member  
From the Geosphere to the Cosmos  
A Lego version of ATLAS  
Ombuds' Corner: Users and Staff Members  
News from the library: CERN Bookshop christmas sales  

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Dear CERN and ESO Colleagues and Retirees  

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CERN Technical training: Available places in forthcoming courses  

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