Staff Rules and Regulations - Modification n°9 to the 11th edition

In accordance with CERN/3166 and recommendations made and decisions taken at the Finance Committee and Council meetings in March 2015, the following pages of the Staff Rules and Regulations have been updated with effect from 31 March 2015:


  • Contents list, page iii
  • Chapter I, General Provisions:
o Section 3 (Conduct) - amendment on page 5
  • Chapter II, Conditions of Employment and Association:

o Section 1 (Employment and association) - amendment on page 14
o Section 3 (Training) - amendment on pages 19 and 20

  • Chapter III, Working Conditions:

o Section 1 (Working hours) - amendment on pages 31 and 32

  • Chapter VI, Settlement of Disputes and Discipline:

o Section 1 (Settlement of disputes) - amendment on page 51

In addition, typographical errors have been corrected in the English version on page 12 (Articles R II 1.05 and 1.06) and page 78 (Annex R A 11, correction of the vertical axis definition).

The complete updated electronic version of the Staff Rules and Regulations is accessible via CDS.

Secretariat, Office of the Head of Human Resources
June 2015