CMS Create #2 | 3-4 October | Register now!

CMS Create brings together CERN members and students from IPAC Design Genève (see here). The goal is to build a prototype exhibit illustrating what CMS does and how it does it. The exhibit will introduce the world of a particle physics detector to the general public, and to younger visitors in particular. 


CMS Create, hosted by IdeaSquare, was first held in November 2015. There were 4 highly diverse teams made of participants from many educational backgrounds and from 15 nationalities. 36% of these were women; a figure we hope will grow this year.

The 25 participants were CMS physicists, computer scientists, engineers, other CMS collaborators and IPAC students. The 2015 winning exhibit is now permanently installed in the visitor reception centre at CMS Point 5, which was visited by 20.600 visitors during 2015.

Are you creative and motivated to share your ideas?  Take part in CMS Create #2, meet with scientists and designers from all over the world and explain to CERN visitors how CMS functions. CMS Create #2 will take place at IdeaSquare on 3 - 4 October 2016. The application period is open until 23 September 2016.

The competition will be judged by a panel consisting of physics, tourism, and product design professionals. There are various prizes for the winning team including tickets for the next TEDxCERN event and ski passes. A public presentation of all exhibits built during CMS Create #2 will be held at CERN in the Main Auditorium on the 10 October at 16:30.

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