Diversity Programme | Tasneem Zahra Husain presents her book “Only the Longest Threads” | 4 October

“Only the Longest Threads”, by Tasneem Zahra Husain.

Tuesday 4 October 2016 - 15:30
Room Georges Charpak (Room F / 60-6-015)

*Coffee will be served after the event*

Tasneem Zehra Husain is a string theorist and the first Pakistani woman to obtain a PhD in this field.

Husain’s first novel, “Only the Longest Threads” reimagines the stories of great breakthroughs and discoveries in physics from Newton’s classical mechanics to the Higgs Boson from the viewpoint of fictional characters. These tales promise to be great reads for both lay audiences and to those who have a more advanced understanding of physics.

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