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SAFETY ALERT - Failure of brass non-return valves in gas point installations

There have been three recent failures in brass non-return valves in separate high pressure gas point installations across CERN. Whilst each was in a different gas service, the visual nature of the failure has been similar. >>

Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund | 26 October

All members and beneficiaries of the Pension Fund are invited to attend the Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund. >>

News Articles

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Nicolas Delruelle (1965 - 2016)  

Training and Development

Upcoming training sessions (up to end October) - Places available  
KT Training: Introduction to knowledge transfer tools | 7 October  


Working safely with electronics racks  
Bike to work safely (follow-up)  
IT User Community Survey  
Exceptional closure of the Medical Service on 11 October  
Heating being put into service  
CERN Accelerator School - Beam injection, extraction and transfer  
2017 European School of Instrumentation in Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ESIPAP) - Registrations  
2017 Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) - Registrations  
Modifications sur l'autoroute A1 - secteur Genève Aéroport  
Network migration for printers  
Register now for ISOTDAQ 2017  
New location of the Learning and Development group  
New AIDA-2020 call for breakthrough detector technologies  


Springer Publishing Booth | 4-5 October  
Coding Pi Science Day | 7-8 October  
Exhibition for the 45 years of the Long-Term Collections | 11-14 October | Main building  
Humanitarian Hackathon @CERN | 14-16 October | Are you ready?  
“France@CERN” 2016 | 3-4 October  
Diversity Programme | Tasneem Zahra Husain presents her book “Only the Longest Threads” | 4 October  
Science Writing Workshop | 5 October | 09:00 – 15:00  
Workshop on Promoting Particle Physics Worldwide | Friday 7 October | 09:00 – 14:00  
CMS Create #2 | 3-4 October | Register now!  

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Nicolas Delruelle 1965 - 2016  
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