Preparation for Retirement Seminar

The Department of Human Resources is organising a preparation for retirement seminar which will take place on the four successive afternoons of 2 to 5 October 2007. Similar seminars in the past have always proved highly successful.

Retirement marks the end of one’s working life and the start of a new period of life. This period of transition and change is experienced differently from one individual to another. In any case, being well-informed and prepared greatly facilitates the change in lifestyle.

We would like to draw your attention to the following information:

Staff concerned: All staff members aged 58 and above as well as those who have retired during the year have been sent a personal invitation to attend. Spouses are welcome.

Staff members below 58 who are interested in attending the seminar may also apply. Their applications will be accepted subject to availability of places.

Registration: In view of the number of people concerned and the limited capacity of the main auditorium, you are requested to register in advance via Indico at the following address:

You may register for all the sessions or only for the subjects of interest to you.

One afternoon each will be devoted to retirement in the Host States, Switzerland and France respectively. These two sessions are particularly designed for those:

– who are living in one of these countries, and

– who intend to take up residence there on retirement,

– who have worked and acquired pension rights there.

Presentations: The speakers will be experts either within or outside the Organization. Each speaker will make a presentation, underlining the key points for prospective pensioners to note and/or take into account. They will then take questions. Most of the presentations will be given in French. However, you are welcome to put your questions in English. Members of the CERN-ESO Pensioners’ Association (GACEPA) will attend each session and may possibly supplement each presentation with comments based on their own experience.

Questions: You may submit your questions in advance when you register via Indico. They will be transmitted to the speaker concerned to allow him to reply. Naturally, it will not be possible to discuss details of individual cases, for which the various internal and external services are available to you.

Documentation: The overhead presentations, the complete video recording and a summary of the question-and-answer sessions will be available on Indico at the following address:

Please also note that the brochure "When you leave CERN" has been updated and is now available on the Department of Human Resources website at the following address:

If you envisage retiring in the coming two or three years, I strongly encourage you to register for this seminar.

You will find all useful information at the following Indico address:

by HR Department