Accelerator and Technical Sector Seminar: Future neutrino facilities: the neutrino factory

Thursday 19.January 2012
at 14:15  -  IT Auditorium (bldg. 31 3-004)

Future neutrino facilities: the neutrino factory
by Gersende Prior / University of Geneva and CERN EN/MEF

The neutrino factory is one of the proposed designs for a future intense neutrino beam facility. In its current layout, a high-power proton beam impinges on an Hg jet target producing pions, decaying in turn into muons.

In order to reduce the particle beam emittance, the muon transverse momentum is reduced through ionization cooling by a technically demanding set-up made of closely-packed RF cavities alternating with absorbers. In this talk I will present the motivation for building an intense neutrino beam and some of the proposed neutrino facilities' design. I will discuss the challenges inherent to the
cooling of muons, possible optimization of the current baseline and the on-going R&D.

ATS Seminars
Organisers: H. Burkhardt (BE), S. Sgobba (EN), G. deRijk (TE)