Health, hygiene and safety in the workplace and the MARS interview

The MARS exercise provides a unique opportunity for exchange between staff members and their supervisors.  It is also an opportunity to review workplace health, hygiene and safety issues, and in particular to identify occupational risks to which the staff member may be exposed. That information can also be used to identify and arrange for safety training, and to agree on the personal protective equipment that may be required.


CERN's Medical Service can use the identified occupational risks to verify that the state of health of each member of the personnel is compatible with the work assigned, which is one of the Service's responsibilities.

Part 4 of the 2012 MARS form ("Aspects related to health, safety and working conditions") will therefore have a new box, which should be checked to confirm that the staff member and the supervisor have identified occupational risks using form OHS 0-0-3. The safety courses should be listed under "Development objectives", and the personal protection equipment should be purchased from the CERN store.

Instructions for completing form OHS 0-0-3:
- Print the form out (use the link on the MARS form).
- Fill it out together (staff member and supervisor):
   · describe the staff member’s work;
   · tick the boxes that are applicable to the staff member; and
   · date and sign the form (both staff member and supervisor).
- Send the form to the Medical Service,  as indicated on the first page of the form.
- Check the corresponding box on the MARS form.

Form OHS 0-0-3 is an official EDH document for the forthcoming MARS exercise. Please send any suggestions for improving this document to



by François Angerand