For its fiftieth anniversary the Kindergarten and School run by the Staff Association   is in better shape than ever. The CERN site has resounded for 50 years with the joyful shouts of the children there.

It is indeed in this joyful and multicultural atmosphere than many generations of children of CERN staff have followed one another all those years. Operating on one of the most beautiful sites of CERN and supervised by competent and creative professionals, the children learn through play, the basics needed for their integration into society and entry into academic learning.

Active learning is the heart of the action.  Children take in knowledge as they develop and are exposed to multiple experiences.

The activities proposed in the SAKS are based on a global approach to development as well as on values such as self-respect, respect towards others, the environment, autonomy, sharing, cooperation, communication and creativity.

In the large, specially designed garden surrounding the two buildings of this children’s area, the children have the privilege of being able to climb the small artificial hill using knotted ropes, ride a bicycle on the small paved roads, or take advantage of the boat stranded on the wide sandy beach.


 Kindergarden Exposition



by Staff Association