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Season - and weather - both warm up

Our regatta mast leads a hard life: just about a year ago we reported it had been dis-masted, also probably through ice, and here, thank you Kirill, is a photo of the refitted mast in the recent cold conditions - which it survived this time. Adjacent in the photo, the semi-beached whale is not, you will be relieved to hear, our Yngling. (Wonder how that mast is doing, in our relatively shallow bay?) All of the Ynglings - and indeed, the rest of the fleet - were safe at time of writing, either well tied down on land or with the ice melted from on and around them (like Surprise and GibSea). Your YCC Committee takes the opportunity of modestly praising our practice of always taking the boats out of the water each season: repairs are easier, cleaning and rerigging done - and don’t forget, more volunteers are always welcome! But one Surprise is still going sailing: talk to Michał if you would like to participate in a regatta forming part of the winter season.

Thanks are due to members who have signed up again already, as requested; it will save our standing with Swiss Sailing, the innovation which is going to have beneficial repercussions on our regatta season, particularly this coming season: watch this space for details. We may have bigger and modified regattas, for which logistics are still being worked out.

Meanwhile, many people have signed up for courses already this season but, thanks to the completely fair system of drawing winners, everyone has the same equal chance of securing a place: go for it, and meet a whole new circle of friends with the same interests, and uncover skills you did not realise you possessed.

Your correspondent has not heard more than general rumours yet about proposed new boats, but some members are staking claims already (or so they hope). It is going to be a great season, as usual - and with your willing help please!


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