Women's Club

Coffee Morning

Tuesday 13th  March 2012, 9:00 – 11:00 - Bldg 504 (Restaurant No 2 – DSR) - 1st Floor, Club Room 3.

German Theme

Those interested in helping should come along.

New arrivals and all members are cordially invited.
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CWC – Chinese Women's Community at CERN

With an increasing number of Chinese people working at CERN, there are also surely an increasing number of Chinese women in the area, who are not always familiar with the environment, languages, or the people. In the context of the CERN Women’s Club, let's meet together and chat about integrating into the local community, available activities, commerce’s, restaurants, etc. It is also obviously a good opportunity to meet new friends.

Everyone is welcome to join us to meet for tea, coffee, and a chat. We will meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month, starting on 20th March 2012, in building 504 (Restaurant 2) in room E-005.

20th March at 9-11am
17th April at 9-11am
22nd May at 9-11am
19th June at 9-11am

For more details contact Mme Jean RODERICK, +41 (0) 76 426 61 08,




及此,CERN 婦女會 (CERN Women's club) 組織了一個給在CERN的華人婦女門聚會的機會,聊聊天、結交新的朋


自三月份開始,每個月的第三個星期二在504號大樓 (餐廳 No.2) 的二樓E-005房間聚會。


聯絡人:周展齡 Jean Roderick
Email: jean.chow.roderick@gmail.com
電話:+41(0)76 426 61 08


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