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Sweden to host a new neutron source

The first European neutron source, currently under development, should commence operations by the end of this decade. Its aim: to produce beams of neutrons that can penetrate into the heart of matter without damaging it and reveal its secrets. >>

CERN on show

Last week I was in Ankara to discuss Turkish accession to CERN, and to take part in the opening of CERN’s main travelling exhibition at the Middle East Technical University. I was astonished at the crowds of people the exhibition drew in, and I’m told that it’s a similar story wherever it goes. Our smaller exhibition stands are also much in demand across our Member States. >>

LHC Report: Intensity ramp-up

The first stable beams at 4 TeV were declared on Thursday, 5 April with 3 bunches per beam. This marked the start of the intensity ramp-up, which aims to get back up to 1380 bunches per beam as quickly as is safely possible. >>

Optimizing accelerator technology

A new EU-funded research and training network, oPAC, is bringing together 22 universities, research centres and industry partners to optimize particle accelerator technology. CERN is one of the network’s main partners and will host 5 early-stage researchers in the BE department. >>

Virtual visits and Hangouts – how cool is CERN…

New media are really making the world smaller. Using a simple lap-top and Vidyo® or Google Hangouts, you can visit experiments’ control rooms and ask physicists those questions you always wanted to ask, all from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how a few people connected with CERN recently. >>

Beware, after the 11th time you might be addicted!

Most addictions are bad for you, but there are exceptions to everything: during the month of June, as part of the “Move! & eat better” campaign, you are all encouraged to get your bicycles out of the shed and ride them to work at CERN. But beware, even after only 11 times, you may never return to your former means of transport – cycling is addictive and provides you with the inspiration you need for the rest of the day! >>

Ombudspersons gather at CERN

On 30 March, Vincent Vuillemin, CERN’s Ombuds, welcomed twelve of his counterparts from Geneva-based international organisations. The guests enjoyed the visit and asked him to arrange another visit in a year or so, when they will be able to visit the LHC underground experimental areas. >>

CERN hosts Physics and Society Forum

On 28-29 March, CERN hosted the fifth edition of the European Physical Society's “Physics and Society” forum. The forum addresses the role of physicists in general society – be they in education, politics, industry or communication. This year, attendees looked at how physicists have adapted - and can continue to adapt - to work in the economic marketplace. >>

Gnome-trotting at CERN

Last week, the globe-trotting gnome from a company called KERN paid a visit to CERN. The Gnome Experiment is investigating the variances in gravity around the world. The gnome has so far been weighed in several places around the world. The results of the measurements are available on the Gnome Experiment website. >>

Data Protection for All

What a stir… was caused by two articles in the last issue of the Bulletin, on “New Snail Mail Scanning Service” and “CERN meets Facebook”! >>

News from the Library: You need never be lost for words again - Oxford Reference Online and Oxford Dictionaries Pro

Whether you are looking for an English word definition or want to check the correct usage of a word, we can offer you a solution: Oxford Reference Online. >>

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